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Josh Tyquin

Animal Chiropractor

Josh’s love for providing chiropractic treatment to animals started long before his chiropractic training when he used to care for his own pet animals, in combination with his family’s vet, who would occasionally show signs of soreness and injury.

Since graduating, Josh has worked as a chiropractic locum and senior associate. He has been fortunate to gain valuable experience from a range of other healthcare fields; and also has volunteered and practiced as a chiropractor at multiple clinics around Melbourne, gaining valuable experience.

Josh has a good association with local Vets, dog trainers and breeders. His approach to treating animals starts with taking a thorough history with the owner, observing the animals’ posture/gait, performing a range of assessments on the muscles, joints and spine. Once it is felt he can assist the situation; treatment consists of traditional chiropractic techniques which range from spinal adjustments using hands on instrument-assisted techniques (Activator or Arthrostim), joint mobilization (Spine and extremities), soft tissue techniques including: massage, stretching, trigger point therapy.

Away from the clinic Josh enjoys hanging out with his family’s two german shepherds Baz and Tess

Josh is available at Hawthorn clinic Mon-Sat


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