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About Dr Andrew Willmott

It all started over 30 years ago when my brothers and I got our first pet dog ‘Toby’, a friendly and playful Golden Retriever Cross Labrador. From that time on, I had a small array of pets growing up; fish, mice, birds and another dog, Eddy, an English Staffordshire. I was active with our dogs regularly taking them to locals parks to play and wrestle with other dogs, the countryside to dig underground into tunnels and explore thick vegetation, and to the beach to swim and run in the water. Occasionally I noticed they would return “worse for wear”. Just like humans, they would appear to be stiff and sore. A sore back or stiff neck perhaps? Occasionally they would limp, suggesting pain in the legs or shoulders? Sometimes I noted they were a little sensitive when I touched them indicating some pains and discomfort around the area. At the time of these observations, I was unaware physical therapists and chiropractors worked on animals, so I would just gently massage the dogs, and think no more about the issue.

It was not until 1999 when I started Studying Chiropractic at Macquarie University, Sydney, that I became aware that some Chiropractors even treated animals! It was from this time on that I started to research the area. As my chiropractic training advanced and I ascended through the 5-year double degree program, I began to provide more and more treatment to my own pets and those of friends and family. While primarily focusing on human chiropractic, I realised fairly early I had a passion for treating animals.

Since graduating, I have worked as a chiropractic locum, associate and principal. I have been fortunate to gain valuable experience from a range of other colleagues from an array of other healthcare fields. I have volunteered and worked as a chiropractor and assistant around the world, and made invaluable contacts in-doing-so.

I have developed a good association with great local Veterinarians as part of my referral network. My approach to working with animals is as follows: I start by assessing the nervous system and biomechanical integrity of the animal. After I perform a range a assessments and tests (e.g. gait assessment, posture observation, palpation of the muscles and joints, motion assessment of the joints etc..), I apply traditional chiropractic techniques which range from spinal adjustments using my hands or instrument-assisted techniques (Activator or Arthrostim), joint mobilisation (Spine and extremities), soft tissue techniques including: massage, stretching, trigger point therapy.

Andrew is currently available for consultations @ 3 Rogers St Pakenham

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