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Multiple Practice Locations

We offer animal chiropractic care currently at our Hawthorn, South Morang and Melton practices.

Same Day Service - Animal Chiropractor Melbourne

Same Day Service

Our team of chiropractors offer thorough and prompt examinations and treatment on your pet.

Available Weekends - Animal Chiropractor Melbourne

Available Weekends

We are available to see your pet Saturdays by appointment.

Emergency Appointments - Animal Chiropractor Melbourne

Emergency Appointments

We open our doors at any time after hours to aid in your emergency situation, and offer prompt and effective service.

Animal Chiropractor Melbourne

Chiropractic care for animals is quite an unknown field, but growing in popularity with everyday. Many pet and professional animal owners are turning to Chiropractic as a means of improving performance and restoring health for their loved ones. Healthy animals are an important part of our lives and it is an necessity for all owners and companions to expect the same level of health care for their pets as we do for ourselves. If you’re new to the field of animal chiropractic, you will learn many facts and in-depth knowledge regarding care via our website. We hope you will take the time to read about the more common animal ailments that our Chiropractors encounter as well as other help tips and information to help improve the health of your pet.

Our team are committed to assisting you are and your best friend to get to the best position possible through a natural and non-surgical approach. We understand sometimes surgery is the only option however if a less invasive more natural approach such as Chiropractic is available why not take it. The Chiropractors are all experience in dealing with animals and have a special interest is managing dogs. Please click on our tabs to find more information about our services, alternatively to get more information on Chiropractors in Melbourne please contact us today.

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